21 January 2008

Welcome to the 2008 Osprey Season

Palmetto Electric would like to welcome last year's osprey viewers as well as new osprey viewers to another season with our Hilton Head Island osprey nest.

For those of you who are new to our osprey web cam, this is our second season watching ospreys with our live camera located at our Hilton Head office.

Our first season viewing "Olivia and Ollie", Palmetto Electric's resident osprey couple, had a clutch of three eggs which never hatched. We believed the extreme cold in April may have harmed the eggs. Ospreys are believed to mate for life and usually return to the same nest each year rebuilding the structure over time. So if our couple survived their annual migration to South or Central America we should expect Olivia and Ollie back to the nest in January or early February.

Once the ospreys return, we will have to check out their distinctive markings to ensure that they are indeed Olivia and Ollie. As last year's viewers will remember we had a new male and female on the nest in early July, so we may see some competition for the nest between the couples.
We look forward to the upcoming osprey season and to hearing from our viewers!