19 February 2008

New Pair Of Osprey

Over the past two weeks a new pair of osprey have established their roost on the communications tower. Neither of the birds are Ollie and Olivia, last year’s ospreys. This female has a much darker “necklace”, the speckled markings on the breast, than Olivia had and the male’s head markings are different than Ollie’s. Only time will tell if Olivia and Ollie will return to claim their nest. Sparring will surely ensue if there is competition for the nest.

So the wait begins…for courtship that is. Love is in the air. Our new resident couple has not been seen mating yet, just repairing the nest from winter’s weather. Now that the arrival of Palmetto’s star attraction is here: a pair of ospreys, we can all sit back and watch and hope that 2008 will be a good year for the ospreys.

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