25 March 2009

It's been eighteen days since the initial egg was laid so we are about half way through the first egg's incubation. Our full clutch consists of three eggs:

First egg was laid March 7
Second egg was laid March 10
Third egg was laid March 12/13

The eggs could conceivably hatch the week following Easter weekend. If the weather cooperates for the remaining incubation period and there are no predators, we could possibly have our first osprey chicks since our web cam went live three years ago.

The osprey's have been very attentive to their eggs and deserve a successful brood.


Anonymous said...

How exciting I cant wait to see. They seem to be taking very good care of their eggs so hopefully we have three babies. It was exciting last year to watch the baby grow at the Scottish loch link you had posted.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see our birds with their eggs. I hope they will do well this spring. The female is back at the Scottish nest too so maybe we'll have 2 families to observe.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you do this - my son loves it. Do the schools know about it - it would make for a great science lesson! Keep up the great work!

moderator said...

Thank you for your comment. We enjoy being able to broadcast the ospreys from our Hilton Head tower. They are wonderful to watch! Hopefully this year will produce chicks so we all can watch them grow.