09 March 2009

On Saturday, 7 March, our female laid her first egg around 11:25 a.m. One viewer noted seeing two eggs, but only one egg appears to have been laid.

With the arrival of the egg, our osprey parents will contribute to the incubation duties, although the female will carry out the majority of the incubating. The male continues to deliver fish to his mate, which will persist until the young fledge or the nest fails. Incubation for ospreys is approximately 40 days, so we could have hatchlings by Easter, but technically hatching could come anywhere from 35-43 days, depending on the egg’s development. A female osprey will generally lay 2 to 4 eggs over the course of a few days so more eggs may be on their way.

We’ll update the Osprey Gallery again within the week.

Until then,


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update and pic.

Anonymous said...

Our first egg in 2009 was 10 days earlier than 2008...Warmer weather maybe(?)

Anonymous said...

Looks like she waited for the warm weather to lay her egg. Hope it stays nice for her and hope we see a couple more eggs in the days to come.


Anonymous said...

It has been sunshine and showers for the last 30 minutes or so. Both birds were on the nest and then the male flew out of sight. For a while I could not see the nest bowl as both birds were standing with their tails blocking the view. Now the female is standing front left and the egg has been left exposed to the rain all that time. I can only see one egg shining in the wet and she is making no attempt to cover it.
Pam (UK)

moderator said...

No, just sunshine. The lens to our camera is hitting the sun at the wrong angle. It has been clear today and warm for this time of the year.

jazzel26 said...

RE: weather conditions. Scroll down below the cam view, Hilton Heads current weather and extended forecast is posted.


Anonymous said...

Thanks moderator - I'll know next time that it is the glass not rain. I was worried about the egg.
Pam (UK)

LUCY said...

THIS IS SO COOL TO WATCH! We are in Chicago and miss being in Hilton Head but we get the Osprey report and weather report all in one place. Can't wait to share this site with the Audabon Club tomorrow night.