16 April 2009

Now that there are two chicks and hopefully by the weekend a third, competition for food will begin. With our potential brood of three, the first and oldest chick, GJ, should survive because of its strength and larger size, though MG isn't too far behind. Providing the male brings in enough fish to sustain the family, all the chicks stand a good chance of survival.

The threat of predation during the day would be from crows or hawks and at night, would be from screech or barred owls. Since our communications tower is 100 feet tall the threat from raccoons, snakes, or other climbing wildlife is unlikely.

Osprey chicks will grow quickly on a steady diet of fish. At birth the chicks are covered in a fine grey down with feathers pushing through around 28 days old. By 40 days, the chicks should closely resemble their parents.

The fully feathered chicks will spend much of their time flapping their wings and developing their flight muscles.


Susan said...

This is wonderful! I watch from my computer every day at work! Come on third chick!!!
Susan from Kansas

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that our male is an experienced father and will provide well for the chicks and female. The abundance of food should lessen the competition. The youngest is always at risk. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Realist said...

Wonderful cam setup with intimate views. Osprey lover from way back. Also watching cams located in Connecticut and Massachusetts...eggs just laid within the past few days at these locations. So, this cam is very special!

Anonymous said...

Screech owls are not a threat. Great-horned owls would be a threat to the chicks and adults.

Patti said...

So excited to have some chicks this year! Thanks to Palmetto Electric for setting up this webcam. It's a highlight of my day to check in on the osprey family. I also love the links to Blackwater. Patti, HHI