15 April 2009

A third osprey was seen today attacking both parents while on the nest. The male left the nest in pursuit of the intruder. Shortly after the intruder landed on the nest with the female pushing it off. We have yet to determine who this intruder is. Looks as though the parents will have more to contend with than just their chicks.


Anonymous said...

They certainly do not need this just when the chicks are hatching. Let's hope that they can successfully shoo away the intruder.
Also the pics of the chick are awesome!! Thanks, Mary

Anonymous said...

I saw lots of wings flapping about on the nest earlier and thought it was mama and papa changing places. Maybe it was the intruder!

I love the closeups showing that precious little chick, but can't seem to leave my computer or the osprey site to get anything else done.


wvgal_dana said...

Somewhere I found the male is called "Ollie".

Moderator does the female have a name?

moderator said...

The male from three years ago is called Ollie and its mate, Olivia. We are not sure whether the current osprey are the same since we do not have many photographs of Ollie and Olivia.

BarefootNurse said...

I can't believe the little osprey chick - what a site. I love it! I sincerely hope they have two more.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping they knock the block off the intruder! They surely don't need that with their first little family coming into the world. Adorable pictures!