26 April 2009

Wanted to post some of the action going on at other osprey cams.

At Blackwater:
the pair has laid their first egg and are expecting more any day.

At New York Wild
: their osprey pair are back building a new nest.

At the Connecticut Audubon Society: they have four eggs. The male will definitely be busy feeding six mouths!

At the Kentucky Nest Cam: they have three eggs.

At Scottish Wildlife Trust: they have three eggs. They have had their share of intruders which quickly have been turned away from the nest area.

At RSPB: EJ returned to the nest with a new male and they have three eggs.

And there is an osprey cam in Finland,
Sääksikamera, that is in an absoutely beautiful setting.


Realist said...

Amazing viewing this morning! Kudos to the cam operator...thank you for the amazing closeups. A first, for this viewer, on any cam.

So impressed that the mother distinctly focuses on making certain the runt is well fed.

Please keep the closeups coming!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful closeups. Thanks. They have grown alot!!!

Mary Pat

Anonymous said...

watching the second morning feed and the oldest chick is very aggressive--attacked the second sib twice when it tried to get some food. The second sib is curled up in a ball while the oldest continues to feed.
The youngest chick was under the tail of the other parent and is now trying to "worm" its way in. Uh oh. The oldest attacked the second sib AGAIN! Did the young one luck out? It looks like the oldest is STUFFED so the youngster is getting fed.
Drama on the nest!

Anonymous said...

male osprey took off with the remainder of the breakfast. All three chicks look stuffed, especially the youngest who looks like it has a pot belly! They are all passed out.