02 June 2009

As a commentator just metioned in the previous post our young osprey are busy flapping their wings and jumping about getting ready for their first flight off the communications tower that has been their home for the last 7 weeks. With a 100-foot drop from the nest their first flight will be a tense moment.

The two surviving chicks, there were originally three, have grown up quickly since April 14th, when GJ, the oldest, first hatched followed then by MG on the 16th. Yesterday we saw both youngsters eating a fish by themselves while the male looked on. The male osprey has been spotted sitting on a few of the antennae that surround the tower - probably wondering which one will take the first flight. Once they master flying, fishing is the next skill they must learn to become completely independent of their mother and father.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen our little chicks flying yet? The few times I've been on the site, they've seemed pretty content in the nest with mama and papa ospreys. I've seen them flap their wings (boy, are they getting big), but no lifting up off the nest.


Realist said...

Lucky you, Vivian - catching the hatchings in the act at Woods Hole!

I'm in Maine for the week and have seen two osprey nests, one with chicks and one with eggs waiting to hatch. First up close and personal views I have ever had of ospreys! Very exciting. Could only see chicks' heads, but full view of adults flying!

Realist said...

Blackwater has a chick! Very difficult to see due to positioning of cam. One hatched, two to go...hopefully.

Realist said...

Blackwater has 2 chicks! Third hatching expected June 7. Keep fingers crossed.

Meanwhile in Scotland, it appears mother is feeding both chicks equally. Good mama!

Here, chicks look like they're almost ready to fledge. That will be an exciting day!

Anonymous said...

How much longer do you think it will be before they fledge. I don't want to miss it. Have really enjoyed watching this year and am glad to have found other sites to watch, NC, KY, MD and Scotland. Hopefully we will have success next year too.