25 July 2009

Has anyone seen either of the parents or MG on the nest? All we've seen is GJ. We're wondering if the other three have already gone south for the remaining summer months.


Anonymous said...

It has been a few days since I've seen the adult female and both young ospreys. The last several days has been just the one young one. I guess this isn't too early for them to go south? Just hope that if they've left, this one will head out and be OK.

At least one of the young in the Woods Hole nest has fledged. I saw one flapping his wings wildly the other day and figured we had at least another week to watch. But alas, off he goes!


Realist said...

Vivian -

Do you watch Woods Hole all day?? LOL. You beat me to it with the news that one of the Woods Hole chicks has fledged. I was surprised, also, that it happened so soon. Mama and sib were sitting in nest pacing and looking a bit uneasy when I checked this afternoon.

Braveheart, Blackwater's lone chick, has not fledged yet.

Seems a bit early for "our" osprey to have headed south - but then again, my frame of reference is Connecticut Audubon's chicks last year...they didn't leave until mid-September, but hatched in May.

Anonymous said...

I did see one of the adults Friday but the osprey was facing away from the camera so not sure if it was Mama or Papa.

Right now I am watching the PSNH sight the moderator mentioned on the previous posting. Right now the three juveniles are resting. Yesterday it was really crowded when all three were standing around the nest so Mama flew away I guess to gvie them room to flap around.


Realist said...

Thanks, Moderator MG, for link to PSNH osprey cam. What a delight! Perfect viewing. Located in my part of the country, too! For our sakes, glad to see the three chicks have not left for southern parts unknown - yet.