20 July 2009

I'm back from vacation and see that the boards have been very active with suggestions on naming the osprey parents. We will close the post on August 1 so we can pick names for the couple. Please send your name suggestions under the Name the Osprey Parents post.

One of our bloggers asked how long the ospreys would stay at our nesting site. The last two years the osprey hung around mid to late August, of course the osprey can prove me wrong this year. But it should be about that time frame. The blog will continue to be open for viewer's to make comments.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! According to the Scottish Wildlife Trust, their osprey fly over 3000 miles to winter in equitorial West Africa. Do we have any way of checking where our couple winter? Will their chicks go back with them?

moderator said...

Our osprey couple most likely winters in Central or South America. There are no transmitters attached to either osprey, or the two juveniles GJ and MG.

The two chicks should have solo journeys to their winter grounds and most likely will return in about two to three years to this area to mate.

Carol said...

We are all getting anxious to see what names you have chosen for mom and dad.
Notice one of the chicks has been on the nest quite a bit lately. Is it the same one; or are they taking turns?

moderator said...

Hey Carol,

Just another week to go until we close the the NAME post.

It appears to me that it is GJ on the nest. The last few days that I've been watching the nest, I have not seen MG. Could be that I am just missing him/her.