24 July 2009

Osprey News From Around The Globe

At the Friends of Blackwater the sole chick has been named Braveheart by one of their viewers. As of July 18, their chick was 45 days old and could fledge very soon.

Sad news at the Lake District Osprey Project site ...the female bird, know as White 10, has not been seen since making her maiden flight at Bassenthwaite on 17 July.

Staff and volunteers of the Lake District Osprey Project mounted an "intensive search" after she failed to return to her nest in heavy rain.

Over at the Loch of the Lowes site...Both of our osprey chicks have finally fledged and are having a brilliant time learning to fly.

The New York Montezuma osprey site had one if not two juvenile osprey's on the nest. The one chick, which was in full view, appeared quite healthy.

The PSNH Osprey Cam seems to also have a heathy juvenile in its nest. I didn't see an osprey diary of this past season so I'm not sure how many chicks they initially had.

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