02 December 2009

A little excitement on our nest this morning around 8:20...we had two bald eagles. One was definitely a juvenile while the other may have been an adult. Their size in comparison to an osprey is amazing. One of our cam viewers from Ohio also saw the birds, which was quite unexpected. The gallery has a few photographs of the two majestic birds which you can view here. I don't know much about bald eagles so if anyone can elaborate on these two please post your comments.


jazzel26 said...

Do you understand, before the eagles, there was an osprey on your nest is morning? Looks like a juvie (still has some white tips on its feathers).

Please check with Beth and, or this Bird Cams Around the World link.



Anonymous said...

The juvenile looks to be female according size and the adult eagle looks to be male. It's hard to really tell since the closer to the camera the larger they look. The adult may be a parent to the juvenile but not necessarily. They could just be hanging out together. Not all eagles migrate but they could be migrating and just stopping by. I did not see any bands on either of them but if they did it would interesting to know where they are from. Do you know of any eagle nests around Palmetto? Any word on the live streaming for the 2010 osprey cam? Hope all had a nice Thanksgiving.
:) Mary Pat

moderator said...

Bald eagles are not as common as osprey in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, but are in the area.

I'm not aware of any nests close to our communications tower, but they may exist. An excerpt from SCDNR (South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources)..."This year, Midwinter Eagle Survey participants recorded 601 bald eagles, which included 514 adult bald eagles, 84 immature bald eagles and one golden eagle. This figure was up from last year’s tally of 564. Some 94 percent of the adult eagles counted during the survey were nesting pairs, meaning they are resident breeders in South Carolina. The nesting population in South Carolina has been increasing at a rate of 8.5 percent per year."

As for audio/video, we will not be streaming live footage from our communications tower at this point in time as the cost of equipment and internet bandwidth is costly, though we are still exploring ways of providing streaming to our viewers.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise to see that there was some activity other than crows on the nest. I come to the island about every three weeks and have seen ospreys flying near the shore, one just a week ago.

The bald eagles are beautiful, large birds. I believe there is at least one nest around the marshland area off of Beach City Road. We have seen bald eagles flying over that area.


Anonymous said...

I found this posted on the blog for the Finland webcam on Koo:

About Koo: There is now in saaristomeri some news of the autopsy of Koo.

Translation with help of google:

Hello, friends of Koo!
Two weeks have gone fast. The telephone discussion revealed that
- Koo has not been stuffed
- one wing and part of the tail have been saved - and bones
- on the injured bone was still seen traces of infeccion
- the foot was broken between the leg and ankle, it turned 180 decrees so that the toes were in a wrong position, backwords.
- the throughout examitation of the remainings were not done this time, but it will happen later when it appears need to know more
- these kind of injuries are unusual, but some cases like this there has been
- the muscles were deminished be cause of lack of motion
- this was why at last the bird had to 'jump' flying without help of feet
- the bird was malnurished
- several persons researched the bird but the genre is still not known.
sad, so sad..
I thought some might still be interested on news about Koo.,
:) Mary Pat

David said...

iWe are exploring the idea of setting up our own osprey cam (on a nest atop a 65' abandoned water tower on the campus of the Virginia institute of Marine Science), and were wondering if you could share a description of the camera, power source, and transmission scheme you use. Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Dave

moderator said...


Please e-mail me at mgray@palmetto.coop and I will send you the information concerning our osprey cam. Please include other contact information.

Carol said...

Well, in just a few weeks we will have to start looking for our 2010 couple to take up residence! I can hardly wait.