26 January 2010

A few more pictures from the Shandy Point cam. It looks like an owl to me.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that looks like a great horned owl.
Anyone on line right now?? We gave a beautiful osprey on the nest!!!!!!! And he/she are right up close to the camera. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mary Pat, 3.:32 EST

Anonymous said...

GHO has one egg so far at -Shandy Point-
Thanks MG for the closeups!!


Carol said...

I stand corrected and totally agree that it is a GHO and NOT a cat (which was almost impossible to imagine!) Thanks for clarifying. Great pics.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Shady Point nest? Is near Shipyard?

moderator said...

The Shandy Point osprey nest, which is currently being occupied by a Great Horned Owl, is located in Wilmington, North Carolina.