07 January 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Osprey Season

This posting opens our 2010 Osprey Season blog and begins our fourth season here at Palmetto Electric. As of a month ago, December 2, 2009 to be exact, we had an adult eagle and a juvenile, most likely its offspring, on the nest a few times throughout the day. Pictures of the eagles can be viewed on our 2009 gallery page. We also had an osprey on the nest earlier that day as well. We haven’t noticed any additional birds on the nest other than crows since that time.

Last year we had our first clutch of eggs hatch and we were fortunate to see the young osprey grow into juveniles with the exception of the youngest chick, which died in its fifth week. A year ago our osprey couple returned mid January so their arrival could be anytime. In June of 2009 we held a contest to name our new resident pair and the winning names were Bella and Benecio.

Our nest is located midway on Hilton Head Island and sits upon a 100 foot tower. Many viewers in the past have wondered what the red light is that intermittently glows at night. That beacon is for FCC purposes since our tower is situated within a quarter mile or so of our local airport.

We are excited about this upcoming osprey season and welcome all of our viewers and bloggers in inviting Bella and Benecio back and to hopefully watch their family grow!


Anonymous said...

Won't be long!

I was looking at the 2009
notes and we had the Red Tail Hawks and a Osprey on the nest
1/15 :-)


Carol said...

I'm on pins and needles!

moderator said...

It could be anytime...days or weeks until the osprey come back to the nest. January 15th's arrival last year was a bit early for Bella and Benecio. The 2008 osprey's arrived mid February.

I've heard and seen a few osprey along Broad Creek on the south side of the island, but haven't seen any in the vicinity of our nest since early December. We're keeping our eye on the cam. The males generally arrives to the nesting territory before the female. After the females arrival, a period of courtship will begin that may last up to three weeks.

Anonymous said...

Waiting, waiting! I so enjoyed watching the nest last season.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait either. The picture on the cam has been so clear lately.
:) Mary Pat, Maryland

moderator said...

Hey Mary Pat,

We replaced the outside housing to the camera a few days before Christmas. We still have a few minor adjustments to make to the webcam setup, but all those are on the ground. 8)

Carol said...

Can someone tell me where all the hundreds of egrets and inhingas (sp?) came from a few days ago? They have taken over the lagoon behind my house. Are they migrating back from farther south?

Anonymous said...

Will we be viewing the 2010 season via streaming video?

Thanks (in advance) for your your reply :-)

moderator said...

We will not be streaming at this time due to the cost of the equipment, though we are still looking at cheaper options that may provide streaming this osprey season. Will keep you posted on whether or not streaming will be available.