15 February 2010

This is the intruder osprey that is interfering with our couple, preventing them from nest building and settling into the 2010 season.
Moments ago our couple began mating. Hopefully the intruder will find a nest of its own and leave our pair in peace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update MG!
When was the first egg laid in


moderator said...

Hey Beth,

The first egg was laid March 7, the second egg March 10, and the third egg March 12/13.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this female will exit soon so that our pair can start the nesting/mating process. For those of you that are interested there are three osprey chicks in the Dunedin, FL nest. Here is the link: http://ospreynest.info/ They look to be doing fine. I can't wait till we have chicks here!!!!
Mary Pat :)