24 March 2010

Bella and Benecio continue to appear on the nest, but for short periods, nothing longterm. New nesting material has been gathered, but it is scattered about the platform in no particular order.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching the nesting material appear and have even seen the B's a few times. Now, if they would put that stuff in order, they'd have a pretty nice nest. At least they have been busy. I'm still pulling for them!


Anonymous said...

Beth, Ohio...I have been trying to get the osprey nest cam from Florida but all I get is an error 4000/00 or something. I've run the activeX as it requires. Any suggestions?
I have not seem the B's at all for a few days but have seen the nesting material. I really wish they would start playing house and get the nest in order.
Mary Pat :)

moderator said...

Hey Mary Pat,

Benecio was on the nest about 10 minutes ago moving a few sticks and moss, then flew off.

Carol said...

I think Benecio is living a secret life! Could it be he has two nests to tend to? I would think that if Bella has laid her eggs elsewhere we would not be seeing her on our nest or perhaps she's just dropping by while Benecio sits on the egg(s). Has anyone see both of them together at the same time recently?

moderator said...


I haven't seen the couple together on the nest since Monday, 23 of March. When they are on the nest, either together or separately, they only stay for a few minutes.

This year's intruder really spoiled the 2010 season!!

Carol said...

MG, so are you saying there are no eggs anywhere for our couple? Could she lay them list late in the season?

moderator said...

It is possible our pair could have eggs on another nest, though we have no idea if they do. I'm not sure if eggs would be laid this late in the season. Maybe some of our other bloggers might know.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mary Pat, I know some others
folks can't get the site.
I will check around for another
link...First egg yesterday in the
FL nest :-)

MG-I will send Jazzel a note
and ask her to post info
on late nesting.


jazzel26 said...

I've been looking into the intruder issue, that has been a problem, on many nests the past couple of years. This is what Rob Bierregaard had to on the issue of egg production.

"I don't know exactly how long they have to get going. We've had young fledge in mid-late August on the Vineyard, so that pair probably didn't lay until late May. It may have been a renesting after a lost clutch, or it could have been one of these turn-over in the breeding pair situations, which very often result in no nesting for that year. I suspect that most of the intruder situations occur when one of the adults doesn't return and the fight to fill the vacancy is really protracted because none of the contestants has the psychological advantage of having been there the previous year. "Home-court advantage" is really a big deal in birds.
Eggs are produced about 2-3 days apart (more if the female is not in really good condition). I suspect that they could recycle only if it's really early in the nesting season. Whether they recycle or not would depend on physiological condition, and what the levels of estrogen were in the female's blood."

I should be hearing from another ornithologist on the subject very soon, and will let you know that answer as soon as I can. This is a complex issue.


moderator said...

Thank you for the information. We're always learning about these magnificent birds and your input is very helpful. We had high hopes coming into this season, but as it looks we have no couple and hence no eggs/chicks to view. We keep hoping they will establish the nest, but it may be time to resign that thought. As each day passes, the male and female visit less often.

The Cross Island Parkway (CIP)nesting site now has an osprey; they are behind schedule as well. We're not sure if other area sites are behind schedule or just our nest and the CIP site.

Even as everything stands we are keeping the camera up and running. Who knows what we might see and what might happen...

Carol said...

I read a blog on the Blackwater website (Cambridge, MD) that their couple are also doing a lousy job building their nest this hear. Must be something in the air. lol