30 March 2010

It appears we have a new female on the nest and she and Benecio have been at odds with each other. She was on the nest shortly after eleven this morning tidying up the homestead. We were wondering who was moving the sticks and moss.
Benecio is most likely attempting to retain ownership of the platform and not lose it to another osprey. These two have been wrangling throughout the morning and early afternoon.


Anonymous said...

This female has a lot of spots on her chest. Is this an indication that she is young, or just that she is female? And, might this be Olivia?


moderator said...

Hey Vivian,

I don't believe it to be an indication of age, but is an indication of a female osprey. Males do not often have a heavily marked "necklace" as females. I have not checked photos of past ospreys at this point, but will do so as soon as possible. I'll let everyone know what we find.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know there is still activity at the nest. If Benecio is still defending the nest then maybe there is still hope that B&B will nest here. I wonder if this new female will attract another male though and they take over the nest. Such drama this year!!!!
Mary Pat :)

moderator said...

Good morning Mary Pat,

It seems every time I look at the camera we have a different osprey on the nest. There was another on the platform this morning and I didn't get a chance to take a picture, but I remember its markings and will check past photographs. Hopefully other sites won't have all the drama.