22 March 2010

Since we have nothing new to report from our nest, I thought I'd post events on other nesting sites.

The osprey have returned to Blackwater Refuge, in Cambridge, Maryland, over the weekend. Over at the Dunedin nest in Pinellas County, Florida, the chicks were banded and are expected to fledge at the end of March or the first of April.

The Loch Garten cam will be back online April 1 when the reserve opens. And the Shandy Point osprey nest, which is currently occupied by a Great Horned Owl, has two chicks that are getting quite large.


Anonymous said...

I was disappointed to see the owl in the Shandy Point nest a couple of months ago, but am now enjoying watching the two little white feather balls there. In the early evening before it gets dark and again in the early morning, the adult owl leaves the nest so we are able to get a good look at the chicks. The ospreys returned to the KEEP nest (Kentucky) on March 14 and it looks ready. I think that last year their cam updated automatically every 2-3 seconds. This year it updates every 12-15 seconds and you have to click refresh. But the activity is fun to watch. Here is the link:


I am still pulling for our B & B to do something with this nest.


Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that B&B apparently decided to nest elsewhere. I will surely miss them this season.
Moderator, thanks for all you do to bring this to us.
Mary Pat :)

Anonymous said...

Loch Garten nest is online now but still awaiting the return of the ospreys.

Carol said...

Well folks, I'm afraid I've given up on B & B letting us share their happy event(s). So I am now hooked on a beautiful black bear cub on WildEarth.TV. Her name is Hope and Mama's name is Lily. She was born on Jan. 22. Lily is 3 and this is her first baby. Fun to watch. But Lily coaxed Hope out of the den for the first time yesterday so it won't be long till we only see them at night and then not at all. Happy Easter, Everyone and MG I thank you again for all your diligent help. Would love to get together with you again this year, babies or no babies. I went by your old offices a couple of days ago and of course you were gone....for good?

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, everyone is saying goodbye. Don't forget we could all meet on the BCAW forum.

Also I would like to thank MG and her crew, terrific updates and photos of the B&B/HH nest.

A new Osprey cam with first egg yesterday or this am.

Panama City, Florida



Anonymous said...

It's about 2:30 P.M., and I can see the backend of what I think is an Osprey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Beth, for the info on the Panhandle, FL, nest! Just took a look and the osprey looks like s/he doesn't know what to do with the egg--standing over it and keeps looking down at it. This is a very nice cam. Will be fun to watch the progress.