19 April 2010

Benecio and the new female have been battling each other this morning in the air, on the platform, and slamming each other into our camera. At first we saw him flying in with a fish, which we thought was nice of him to offer the new resident, but then he quickly attacked her. Bella could be in a nearby nest, though we haven't seen anything to indicate that.


Anonymous said...

That must have been something to see ... I missed it to my chagrin ... At the point I checked in it was "business as usual" meaning no bird on the platform.

Would a return of either bird signify having "won" the battle of ownership?

I kind of enjoyed seeing the new female making herself at home!
DB of Canada

moderator said...

Hey DB,

Benecio was briefly on the nest this morning. I've yet to see the new female, though with her tenacity I'm sure she'll show up.

This year has been a disappointment, but a learning experience for us. The female seems determined to make the platform her own. There's no telling what next season will hold for all of us if the same osprey vie for the nest.

Anonymous said...

Is that a new female on the platform this morning? The marking on the back of her head is unique--I haven't seen it before. Guess it is too late for nest building, but she seems determined at something.

The nest in Olympia, Washington, has its first egg this morning. That spot was taken by a Great Blue Heron until about a month ago when the osprey couple returned. They put together quite a nest. I am concerned because there is a large piece of netting across the nest--just hope they don't get caught in it.


moderator said...

Hey Vivian,

Yes, that is the new female. She is determined to make the platform her nest. Unfortunately our season never got off the ground. Hopefully later today I'll post what is going on at other nests.