13 April 2010

Benecio was on the nest a while this morning. It was a delight to see him after a week's absence. The new female is still alone at this point in time and we are not sure if Benecio is with Bella at a different nest or if Bella has taken up with a new male.


Anonymous said...

Can we assume that we will have no nesting on this site? I've been watching off and on daily but have only seen the intruder once. Too bad, but, obviously, that's the way it goes sometimes with nature.

moderator said...

No nesting for our site this year. The intruder osprey, not the current female that appears on our nest now, antagonized Bella and Benecio relentlessly until Bella had enough and went elsewhere. As you said that's that way it goes with nature.

Anonymous said...

Osprey on the nest right now (4/19/10 9:30am). It looks like a female to me. Anyone now who it is?
Mary Pat :)

moderator said...

Hey Mary Pat,

That is the new female that has been occupying the nest for the past few weeks.

Beth said...

Hi MG-The new gal has been at the
nest a good amount of time.


moderator said...

Hey Beth,

It seems as though she and Benecio should form a couple, but he appeared to be attacking her just now. I thought he was bringing her a peace offering, the fish he was carrying, but he only seems to hit her with it.