26 April 2010

Thought we'd update everyone on news from other osprey sites:

At Blackwater they currently have two eggs and possibly expecting a third by Wednesday.

The Loch of the Lowes blog indicates they have three eggs which happen to be the 56th, 57th, and 58th egg that their female has laid in her breeding life. The earliest their eggs will hatch will be the 18th of May and the latest around the 28th.

The Kentucky Environemtal Education Project nest has three eggs.

At the Dunedin Osprey nest the fledglings are spending less time on the nest.

The Connecticut Milford nest has three eggs as of April 11th.

The Montezuma Osprey Cam in New York has a few eggs of their own.

For more birding sights go to Little Birdie Home.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for options to get our "osprey fix". So sad about the nest this season.
Ohio Judy

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed following the links provided .... so I may yet get to follow an Osprey family "growing up" ... in anticipation of a successful season next year.

One thing that strikes me is that the webcam on Matthews Drive is right up there in terms of clarity and view of the nest.

Thank you again for your efforts to keep us informed.
DB Canada

moderator said...

Hey DB,

Thank you very much. We are still looking into video streaming in the future. Since this season is over for us we may be able to experiment on the "streaming" aspect earlier than anticipated.

Thanks for all your participation!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the links.

I was looking forward to a new season but I guess they decided to go elsewhere...sad :-(

Looking forward to viewing next season via video streaming...yay!

Anonymous said...

Interesting happenings at the Shandy Point, NC, osprey nest. The Great Horned Owls who took over the nest in the late fall/early winter have left the nest after the young one fledged. A platform was put up near that nest for the returning ospreys, who have nested and are raising young, but it was not possible to put a camera at the new nest. Yesterday morning one of the ospreys was sitting near the old nest, and today is actually in the nest. I suspect that s/he is going to try to claim it for next year. It was fun watching the young GHO grow and change from a white fluffball to brown with markings. And even though I don't think we will see any eggs laid this late, it is nice to see the osprey back. It is almost like watching 'our' nest. Here is the link:


For information on the nest delete 'autoupdate.htm' from the url.


moderator said...


I noticed two ospreys on the nest this afternoon between 1:00pm and 1:45pm and they were mating. It would be very late for eggs. It's nice to see that the osprey came back to the nest.