25 June 2010

Our pair of osprey's continue to maintain the nest and ward off any others that may have thoughts of taking the nest for their own. We have not seen the juvenile osprey that appeared on the nest a week ago. The male chased the juvenile off and apparently made it clear to stay away.
This pair may displace Bella and Bencio should they return next season to raise a family.


Anonymous said...

Great to see ospreys on the nest!

Looking forward to a successful 2011 season!!

Anonymous said...

Morning MG-both on the nest this

Have a Happy 4th!


Anonymous said...

Is it the angle of the camera, or is the uncovered area of the nest becoming larger? Maybe the couple is moving the material from the middle to the left bottom corner? Or could the wind be blowing the material off the nest? The birds seem to be staying busy, but things don't look too good this morning. Is it possible for human intervention during the winter months? It is fun watching them, but it looks like these two won't have much to come back to.


moderator said...

Good morning Beth and Vivian!!

The pair has been quite busy with moss and sticks. They are starting to cover the expanding hole, but continue placing the nesting material towards the camera and not towards the western edge. Whichever pair takes control of the nest next year will have to repair the center.

Hope you both have a great July 4th!!!

Anonymous said...

osprey perched on outpost near nest.

Anonymous said...

It is 617am (EST) and there is a lone adult osprey on the nest.

It's a beautiful morning :-)

Anonymous said...

It is 713am (EST) and there is a beautiful osprey standing in the nest :-)