16 August 2010

2010 Season

The 2010 season began on 20 January as the first osprey was spotted on the nest. Our pair from the last two years, Bella and Benecio, appeared on the nest on 8 February, but it didn’t take long for an intruder osprey to enter into the picture on 15 February. The intruder, a female, harassed Bella and attempted to catch the eye of Benecio.

As Bella and Benecio attempted to set a routine to raising a family, the female intruder continued to hamper their efforts and Bella finally gave up and left the platform all together leaving Benecio to protect the nest. We’ve no idea if Bella stayed in the area or took up with another male as we hadn’t seen her since 24 March. It is possible that Bella and Benecio found another nesting location and took up residence there while Benecio attempted to retain ownership of the platform for next season.

Another female appeared at the nest on 30 March and quickly began organizing the stand. Benecio attempted to defend his home of the past two seasons, but this new female was quite persistent to make this her new quarters. Benecio and the new female often chased each other about the air and on the nest, once slamming themselves against our camera.

On 18 May a new pair of osprey landed on the nest and is the latest twosome to attempt to make it their own.

The 2010 season at first appeared promising wit Bella and Benecio’s return, but instead had much drama for all of the viewer’s. Who knows what will happen if all of this year’s participants come back next season. We are still considering audio/streaming options, but cost is the main factor in not pursuing it at this time. We will let you know if anything changes on that front, but for now we will continue with the 5 second refresh rate.

We would like to thank all of our viewer’s and blog participants. Hopefully next year will be a successful season with less drama and chicks to watch mature. The blog will remain open for commenting and the camera will continue operating unless we have maintenance to perform.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Palmetto Electric and all
the wonderful folks/moderators
who have given us the privilege to watch this Osprey webcam. The updates were always timely and the photos were terrific! Best wishes for a productive 2011 nest.
Thanks for keeping the cam on, we might see Eagles this fall!


Anonymous said...

Sorry that the 2010 season was not a successful one, but am looking forward to seeing the the nesting pair return in 2011.

Thank you for keeping the cam on!!!

Anonymous said...

I will be watching the nest during the fall/winter months and look forward to February/March when the osprey return. They will have quite a job getting the nest ready, and it will be interesting to watch the goings on. Walking on the beach yesterday I saw an osprey soar over the shoreline for a few minutes and then fly inland over Port Royal Plantation--in the direction of our nest. Checked the cam later but didn't see any activity. Thanks for keeping things going until spring--at least we can watch and keep each other posted.


Anonymous said...

And I too thank all the moderators who have kept us informed in a timely fashion of all the shenanigans on and around the nest. We can only hope it is a more stable and quiet return for whichever pair claims the nest in the new season ... I think we would all love to see a family there next year.
We will be returning to HHIsland in March - I will monitor the site in great expectation during Feb 2011.
DB of Canada

Carol said...

I am constantly reminded of the HHI nest when I hear my osprey family squalking over my lagoon during the day. Still have not been able to find the nest.
My thanks also to our moderator and Palmetto Electric for allowing us to follow the nest. Wish all of you a pleasant fall and hopefully a new pair of osprey will adopt us in 2011!

Anonymous said...

Thursday, September 9 11:12am
Crows on nest.

Carol said...

Crows on nest again.

Carol said...

Any signs of osprey?

moderator said...

Good morning Carol,

I haven't seen any osprey on or near our nest for some time now. I thought I saw one flying around the bridges to the island last weekend. The action ought to increase in the coming months.

Hopefully the approaching season will be better than this past year. Too much drama for me!!

Anonymous said...

Hope all are having a nice fall so far. Seems so far off til 2011 nesting season. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for a successful season. I discovered another webcam and thought it might be of interest. They have a nice recap on video of their 2009 season. http://www.ospreyhouse.asn.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=112&Itemid=89 Let me know if you enjoy it.
Keep watching we never know what we might see on the cam.
Moderator thanks to you and all involved with this project. Any word on a live cam for next year?
Mary Pat