03 January 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Since we are still receiving blog posts I though I'd open a new entry so our readers wouldn't have to search for the latest entries. Hoping every had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's holiday. The latest post was:
Hey Beth! I couldn't get the Aussie webpage to open. Said to check my browser security settings. Any suggestions?....Carol


moderator said...

Hey Carol,

I went to the site and was prompted as you were to check my browser settings. If you are using Internet Explorer you should have noticed a gold bar at the top indicating you to run the website's add-on. If you click the gold bar it would prompt you to run the website's add-on. I ran the add-on, but it only presented text of date/time/and the word osprey. Their camera may be down.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol and Mod (!)

Here is a pic of the nest...
1-3-11 - I enlarged the photo


Link I used...


Anonymous said...

An opsrey in on the nest right now, 4:00 PM on January 19