28 February 2011

I updated our osprey gallery to included a few of the photos taken in 2011. I'll be posting more later in the week. I hope you enjoy them!



Anonymous said...

Stunning photos !!! They are magnificent birds.
However, lots of work still needed on the nest.
Has anyone named them yet?
DB Canada

moderator said...

Good morning DB,

There is still much work needed to get the nest ready, but the male is doing a good job so far. Both male and female were on the nest together this past weekend. There may be another osprey in the area so we have to see what happens with this pair, if we can even call them that at this point.

No, we haven't named the osprey yet. I'm still waiting to see what these two do before we name them.

Donna said...

Both on the nest just after 12 noon. Appears they came close to mating.