17 February 2011

We have a male and female on the nest and appeared yesterday to have attempted to mate. Both osprey have been bringing new nesting material to the platform with most of their activity focused on the east side of the platform, directly below the camera.

Optimistically, these two will overcome last year's obstacles and establish the platform as their own and be given the opportunity to build a nest and with any luck little osprey to raise.


Anonymous said...

What a great sight this morning to see the new moss and other nesting material at the nest area. One of yesterday's pictures does look like mating is being attempted, so let's hope for good results and no interference this year! Thanks, Moderator, for being watchful and keeping us informed.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! 8:27am and there is a osprey on the nest. You can tell that they have been adding material.
:) Mary Pat