09 February 2011

We haven't noticed any osprey activity on the platform since January 19th other than an occassional crow wandering about the nest. With the platform unattended throughout 2010, the nest fell apart. One of our warehouse roofs can be seen through the osprey platform. There are still stick and spanish moss materials on the platform underneath the camera area for the osprey to spread around. A committed osprey pair will have to be diligent with making this platform their home this season.


Anonymous said...

And we really are hoping a diligent pair will show up and make this their home! They are so much fun to watch and we need a good osprey fix this season!!


Anonymous said...

I agree! Come on osprey!!! Let's get together and have a great nesting season. I am really looking forward to one. The cam has been down at Dundin but they are working to get it back up.
Mary Pat :)