26 March 2011

The male and female are taking turns, about 60-40, incubating their first egg. The male almost seems obsessed with rolling the egg. Both male and female will roll an egg to ensure it is evenly heated and that the embryo does not stick to the inside of the eggshell.

As mentioned by one of our bloggers, the weather forecast in the next few days is not going to be the best for our pair and their new egg.

With the weather conditions forecast to change the pair will have to make sure they keep their egg(s) warm.

Both parents have a brood patch, an area of bare skin under their breast feathers. Males have a smaller ‘hot-spot' than the females; however, the female ospreys have a larger area with many vessels that can be suffused with blood whenever the egg temperature falls. This instinctive ability allows the ospreys to sense temperature changes within the eggs and to control it within the nest through their own body methods.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info moderator, much appreciated. Happy to hear dad is just as interested in the egg and that the pair are sharing duties.

Carol said...

I am eggstatic! What good news!