19 April 2011

Bea taking a break from incubating the eggs Tuesday morning.


Anonymous said...

MG--Could you give us a few differences in the markings of Bea and Jasper. I believe Bea has the speckled breast feathers, but otherwise the pair look very similar. Do you see Jasper helping with the incubating?


moderator said...

Good morning Vivian,

You are correct - Bea does have the speckled breast feathers. Females, on average, are about 15 - 20% larger in body mass than males and have a 5 - 10% longer wing span than males. Females also have darker feathers than males.
Jasper is helping with incubation though Bea is the primary osprey incubating the eggs. Jasper's duty is to provide Bea with fish and help protect their nest.