01 April 2011

We've picked names for our pair and they are...Bea and Jasper submitted by Beth from Ohio.


Anonymous said...

♥ Bea
♥ Jasper


Anonymous said...

Good choice.

Anonymous said...


There was a severe storm that hit florida, http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2011/photo_galleries/march_storm/

One of the pics show an osprey nest in trouble. Hope the nest was fixed!

Is that weather system traveling north toward your area??? Hope not!!

moderator said...


No, we are not due for any rain until Tuesday according to NOAA.
The storms that rolled through Florida are out in the Atlantic Ocean now. Today is the first day since Sunday that we've seen the sun. We've had enough wet weather.

Anonymous said...

Love the names ... welcome to Hilton Head Bea and Jasper ... may you enjoy many happy years in our lovely location!
PS We left today to head home, but I shall be watching from there as well as during my various travels.