03 May 2011

It's Tuesday and still no chicks at this point. Both Bea and Jasper continue to bring nesting material to the platform and rotate incubation times. Bea often appears restless and will pop up suddenly. Friday began the 35th day for the first egg that was laid. A chick will normally hatch within 35 - 42 days after it's egg is laid. Today marks the 39th day for the first egg, 36th day for the second egg, and the 33rd day for the third egg.

We hope to see some activity with chicks at any time. :-)


Anonymous said...

Looks like Bea brought home a snack to keep her busy while waiting!

moderator said...

Just now it appears another osprey was hovering overhead because both Bea and Jasper were extremely agitated - flapping their wings and calling out aggressively.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are waiting for Sunday, Mother's Day, I'll keep checking back in daily and hope to see some little peeps soon.