06 May 2011

We have our second chick, which we are naming TE. Viewer Sue caught the second chick hatch around 6:40 last night.

The second chick, TE, is on the left and MKD is on the right.


Anonymous said...

Woo-hoo, welcome TE!

Mods~Thanks for the awesome


Anonymous said...

Hello TE .. welcome to our world! Thank you for the pics!
Looks like everything is on track with our family .. with the final hatching possibly this weekend.
PS: Could you give us an idea of how the naming works?

moderator said...

Good morning DB,

Bea and Jasper are right on track with their offspring. The third chick should hatch this weekend.

The chicks from the 2009 season and this season are named by the initials from employees in our IT department.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info moderator ... I was imagining all sorts of complicated combinations!

Realist said...

Terrific photos!! Haven't written much but have been watching continuously. Gratifying to view success stories! Will not be glued all weekend waiting for #3. (Except that we're finally getting some decent weather here in Massachusetts...about time!)

Anonymous said...

Neat how often the chicks are looking right at the camera. I imagine it looks like Momma or Poppa to them, especially in the morning when the camera has the sun behind it.

Do you have any photos of the web cam platform, and the size of the camera relative to everything else? Its shadow looks large, but maybe the camera is small and far away? It looks like it is mounted on a vertical pole?

Thanks for all the photos and updates. Yea! Mother Nature and Spring.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the chicks are actually looking up at mama osprey hovering over them at feeding time, and she is just out of sight of the camera. The camera probably is too far from the chicks for them to mistake it for the one with the food. Can't wait to see more closeups of MKD and TE. I hope little ?? cracks out soon--to stand his ground.

Vinny said...

What a lovely pic. And welcome to this world baby's