07 May 2011

We have our third chick hatch around 10:13 Saturday morning which was caught by viewer Sue. The third chick's name is MT. You can see the broken shell to the right side of Bea.


Anonymous said...

Welcome MT!!

Could we have a synopsis of dates the eggs were layed, incubation time and hatching dates with names.
I would like to print it out for my HH folder :)

Thank you...


Anonymous said...

I have not been able to catch any chick feedings. Are parents or Dad doing a decent job of bringing in fish? I don't see any laying around the nest. Hope the chicks do well.

Anonymous said...

Welcome MT - let the fun begin! Well done again Bea and Jasper, you've been very attentive.

moderator said...

Good afternoon everyone!

The hatching of the third chick, MT, completes Bea and Jasper's incubation period and begins the next stage of rearing their young.

The 1st egg (MKD):
laid: 25 March
hatched: 4 May
incubation: 40 days

The 2nd egg (TE):
laid: 28 March
hatched: 5 May
incubation: 38 days

The 3rd egg (MT)
laid: 31 March
hatched:7 May
incubation: 37 days

Jasper has been bringing in many fish, some that laid around the nest for most of the day until eaten.

Anonymous said...

Thank you just now for the up close views... I watch the last chick hatch this morning and it was so wonderful to see him/her being feed.. what a great job mom did taking care of all three... good to be back..


Anonymous said...

MG and other mods-Thank you so much for the info!



Anonymous said...

Fish arrived at 0737 and adult feeding the babies....Happy Mother's Day! Grace Washingtonville, NY

Realist said...

Caught a feeding. All three chicks in a row. So cute! Mother appears to be fairly impartial - all three were fed.

Hope the nest holds up - not the greatest of house builders or house keepers, those two!

Anonymous said...

So good that all three chicks were fed. I wonder if the oldest of the three will start pecking at his siblings. Maybe not if dad keeps the food coming. Right now the three little ones are all bundled up together. Guess they will stay that way for a few more days.


Anonymous said...

Momma put a fish right next to the chicks, and it looks as if she has removed the head, gills, etc.. Are the chicks able to peck at the fish carcass to eat, or must Momma chew everything for them first?

Thanks for a nice Mother's Day viewing!


moderator said...

Hey Peter,

No, the chicks are unable to feed themselves at this time. Their necks and becks are not strong enough to tear the tough fish meat. Bea is tearing small pieces of the fish and feeding them.