19 June 2011

The heavy rains that have passed through our area for the last few days has finally cleared the lens housing quite nicely and we all can see the osprey on the tower once again. They just need to keep their aim to the North and South of the camera.

Both chicks, or should we say juveniles now, seem to be healthy and have been exercising their wings. The parents continue to maintain the nest and feed their young.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there watching our nest!!


Anonymous said...

yes, finally great picture and was able to see chicks being fed this a.m. They are big now. How much longer before they fledge?

I have been watching other nests, the Terapin Cove camera is great,
good close ups when chicks being fed and very clear.

Also good pix with Finland webcam and wonderful scenery over the top of the nest, it's high in the trees. I noticed this a.m. that chick #4 which was born really late is small and doesn't seem to be aggressive at feedings, hope it makes it.

Will continue to watch our nest daily now since we have good vision.


moderator said...

Hey Lynne,

Generally, juveniles will fledge 7 -9 weeks old. This coming week will mark 7 weeks old so it could be any time soon. I won't get back into the office until July so I'm hoping I don't miss them, though I'll be checking in as often as I can.

Anonymous said...

Have a great vacation, Moderator. Can anyone zoom out a bit, or re-center to middle of nest? No birds in nest most of today from the area we can see.


PS -- nice to see the action again indeed.

Anonymous said...

Great picture again, however quite scary as NO BIRDS/CHICKS in view!!! Where are they? Perhaps on a flight?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, clear view of the two juvies and mom or dad. All three in the center of the picture. What a lovely sight this Monday morning.


moderator said...

Good morning Vivian,

I agree...a beautiful Monday morning with the ospreys. Bea is feeding the two a flounder.