21 February 2012

Bea and Jasper, our pair from last year, have returned forcing out the first pair on the nest. Both Bea and Jasper benefited from the first couple's work of gathering moss, pine cones, and sticks. Jasper has already added to the nest while both are breaking twigs and straightening up the nest for the upcoming season.

Bea and Jasper have mated at least five times today. Maybe this year their nest building will be better than last year's. They off to a good start and hopefully they'll continue to build up the nest.

We hope to get the gallery up and going later this week with a few pictures from the 2012 season. 8-)


Carol said...

So happy to have a positive ID of Bea and Jasper. Welcome back Mom and Dad!

Anonymous said...

Yea for 'our couple' ♥


Anonymous said...

My, what a big stick,or I shuld say limb, we have brought to the nest!! Great to see continual nestorations. All looks good.
Mary Pat :) - Adamstown, MD

moderator said...

We thought the same thing. Both Bea and Jasper have had a time of it, trying to break the stick and moving it around the nest. They keep running into it. Pretty funny at times. Just proves that nest building isn't so easy.

Anonymous said...

After looking at the Decorah eagle site, it makes me wish you could take donations for a better camera, sound, etc!
Where can I donate?

Anonymous said...

Welcome Bea and Jasper .. I was waiting with bated breath. Perhaps next year they will arrive a couple of days earlier.
Have to add my comments re picture quality - really poor this year. Too bad really. Comparable to driving in dense fog!
DB Canada

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Bea/Jasper back again!

I hope they will be able to build up the nest this year so that it will have a more "bowl" appearance, keeping the chicks safe.