12 April 2012

The nest finally has a nice "bowl" shape. Both Bea and Jasper have been bringing in material which has made the nests appearance much more presentable in the past few days. Today marks the 20th day since the first egg was laid so we are about half way through the incubation period. If our pair continues to improve their nest they should be off to a great start when the chicks hatch. 

Bea and Jasper seem to have a nice rhythm going with incubation. Jasper is bringing in fish and giving Bea a break from sitting on the eggs. Not much time is spent off the clutch of eggs as they must be kept warm. So far Bea and Jasper are doing a great job.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures added to the gallery. I'm glad Bea and Jasper are back, but the "intruders" surely are a beautiful couple. The nest does look so much better than last year. Our birds seem to be getting the hang of it. Can't wait for the little ones to crack out!