06 April 2012

With the cooler wet weather Bea and Jasper will have to make sure that their eggs are kept warm. Both parents have a brood patch, an area of bare skin under their breast feathers. Males have a smaller ‘hot-spot' than the females; however, the female ospreys have a larger area with many vessels that can be suffused with blood whenever the egg temperature falls. This instinctive ability allows the ospreys to sense temperature changes within the eggs and to control it within the nest through their own body methods. The eggs must be kept at a temperature of around 99 degrees Fahrenheit.


Carol said...

I went over to the nest about an hour ago but saw no fly-ins. Parking lot was empty!

Realist said...

Thrilled there are 3 eggs this season. Hope all works out well for parents and chicks. Will be watching closely.