18 June 2012

GV and RJ are now about the same size of their parents, Bea and Jasper. Both juveniles have yet to fledge, but it could be soon as they enter their 7th week since hatching. The camera housing is somewhat blurry due to it being hit by one of the ospreys relieving itself and it doesn't appear that we are due any rain in the coming week. Last year the same thing happened and obstructed our view for several weeks.

GV and RJ at times are still fed by Bea, but more often they are eating their own fish which is still brought to them. Bea and Jasper may encourage their offspring to fledge by withholding food so they can begin their fishing skills.

There are many trees and other towers near the nest for RJ and GV to perch on once they take their first flight. Landing may be awkward at first as the juveniles will have to master its balance and grasping objects. Our nest is atop a 100' foot tower so whichever juvenile fledges first will demonstrate a leap of faith and and a whole lot of confidence.


Anonymous said...

Faith and Confidence required?

Yes indeed, go for it you two.

Fly free!


PS -- Thanks to Palmetto Electric for hosting this site. The Summer Solstice is on Wednesday. A good time to take flight?

And thanks to the moderator for your efforts. Have a great summer!

Anonymous said...

Will the juveniles return to the nest at all once they fledge?

moderator said...

After GV and RJ take their first flight they will continue to improve their flying skills and return to the nest. Their next test will be fishing. It could take the juveniles a few weeks to master catching fish. The two could continue to be fed by their parents for another few months after fledging.

Anonymous said...

Just came on to a beautiful "family" moment. So glad to see all is well.

Anonymous said...

GV & RJ are enjoying a "cuddle puddle" moment right now!!