06 June 2012

Our osprey family is a bit damp, but hopefully the majority of the wet weather is behind them.

As many of our bloggers have noted both GV and RJ have gotten quite large as you can see from the photo in the May 21st blog. Jasper has been doing a good job bringing in fish throughout the storms  the last few days.

This weeks marks the chicks 5th week since they hatched and they both look healthy. We should start seeing the chicks, or should I say juveniles, begin flapping and stretching their wings more preparing for their first flight. Jasper and Bea will not teach their young to fly, with avians it is instinctive.


Anonymous said...

Amazing to watch the instinct to fly "take flight" so to speak.

Dunedin young'un fledged a day or two ago.

First flight is inspirational!


Anonymous said...

They are at a beautiful "speckled" stage right now. So glad they are both thriving. Looking forward to the next few weeks.