08 June 2012

A quick visual difference between GV and RJ is their head coloring. GV is on the left and has more blonde in its feathers than RJ.

Their gender on the other hand is another story. The most reliable sign of gender is the "necklace" - the coloring across an osprey's chest. Females have the brown speckled chest where males are mostly white.

The juvenile's gender is not as easy to determine as they usually have a necklace then lose it as they mature. Body size often assists in determining an osprey's gender, but again in juveniles it is not exact until maturation. So we are not sure if we have males or females. Both GV and RJ have transformed into beautiful juveniles and they should fledge within a few weeks.


Anonymous said...

Great observation on the blond head coloring. What a beautiful picture of GV & RJ.

Anonymous said...

Wow they seem to grow during the course of one day!

Have a good weekend.


moderator said...

Hey Peter,
You have a great weekend too!