11 June 2012

This will be the 6th week since the two chicks hatched. GV is still attacking RJ when fish is brought to the platform. GV was seen this mornig pulling feathers out of RJ's back. RJ probably cannot wait until GV fledges or until he/she fledges itself.


Anonymous said...

I thought I noticed something also. They both appear strong and healthy, so hopefully the sibling rivalry will remain civil, and will help the two develop good self-defense mechanisms!

Does the above appear safe to say? It is hard to see the details with the freeeze-frame shots we see.



moderator said...

Hey Peter,

We're thinking the same - that it will help develop strong ospreys. Other than who gets to eat first, GV and RJ seem to play nicely together.

This morning we also noticed that GV was beating its wings aggressively so we all should see more of that activity increasing as fledging approaches.

Carol said...

Great view of their heads right now. GV definitely has lighter feathers.