07 March 2013

Bea and Jasper are making good progress on the nest in the last few weeks. One of the posters asked about competition for the nest and we really haven't had much of that up to this point. A few years back, 2010 to be exact, competition was quite fierce that no pair occupied the nest.

Bea and Jasper appear to be in a nice rhythm, moving sticks and spanish moss around the platform. Bea has been spotted several times pressing her body into the nest, making sure it's just right.


Anonymous said...

I am unable to identify which bird is Bea and which is Jasper. Do you have any hints to help me know which bird I'm looking at? And might we get closeups at times, for instance when the eggs/chicks arrive?


moderator said...

Hey Vivian,

I've got screen shots of both Bea and Jasper. I'll try and post those today.

Definitely, we'll have close-ups of eggs, chicks, and Bea and Jasper. Since the pair is still in the process of constructing the nest, we wanted to leave the view to encompass the entire nest.

Carol said...

Isn't it true that the female osprey have the spotted yolk on their chest and the male does not?

moderator said...

On average, while not necessarily longer, female ospreys are 20% heavier than males and have a wingspan that is 5 to 10% greater. In North America, male ospreys weigh 1200 to 1600 g and females weigh 1600 to 2000 g.

Female ospreys also often have darker plumage and a more defined necklace than their male counterparts.

Ospreys in different regions of the world look a little different from one another. For example, ospreys that live in tropical regions are smaller than ospreys that breed farther north or south from the equator. There are four subspecies of ospreys. Each of these lives in a different region of the world and looks a little different.

Mary Pat said...

I was just going to ask if we were going to have close-ups of the eggs/chicks but I see moderator already answered that.
Mary Pat:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information about the differences in Bea and Jasper and for the great pictures of each of them. I think if I can at least see the necklace I can tell which one is Bea. It will be fun, anyway, watching the two of them and then (hopefully) the chicks.


Mary Elaine said...

Wow that is awesome! Shouldn't she be sitting on the egg? How long can the egg go without her sitting on it?