14 March 2013

It appears we have our first egg! I was off work yesterday, so I missed the event, but one of our viewer's, Beth, saw the egg yesterday evening. I'll try and get a close-up photo of the egg when Bea re-positions herself. The viewing time extended to 7:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the egg close-ups this am. First egg 3/13/13 :)


Mary Pat said...

First egg!! Awesome!! They sure didn't waste any time. Thanks for the close up.
Mary Pat :)

Carol said...

Right on schedule! I'm so excited!

Carol said...

3 1 3 1 3 Easy to remember!

Mary Elaine said...

Oh this is so neat--in time for my grandson's birthday today! If it is a boy, I will name the chick after my grandson. How long can these eggs go without the Mom sitting on them? Thanks for this wonderful view
of Hilton head's osprey!