30 April 2013

KG and JB are coming along nicely with their development. KG, the one upright, is slightly larger and is beginning to show dominance over JB. The third chick has still not hatched and today marks the 42nd day since the egg was laid.

With KG and JB being further developed, I don't believe the third chick would survive if it does indeed hatch.


Anonymous said...

I love watching them on the webcam! Hope the 2nd chick is strong enough to survive!

Anonymous said...

Got on the site just in time for a close up of the chicks. They look like a tangled ball around egg #3. I think Bea was feeding them. They are now securely tucked under her. They are growing fast.


moderator said...


The little ones are starting to move about the nest a bit as they are being fed. It is amazing how fast they are growing!