22 April 2013

We believe we have our first chick!!! It hatched around 12:20 this afternoon. The chick will be named KG.  The arrow is pointing to what looks to be part of the egg shell.

I've been delaying the post to get a photo of the chick, but Bea is keeping the remaining eggs and chick warm since it is in the upper 50's.


Carol said...

I think Daddy Jasper has gone to get a fish for Mom and the kid!

Carol said...

Jasper says "I'm not leaving till I see my kid!"

Carol said...

Just got a great screen save. wish I could share it!

Raquel said...

Buenas noches desde Madrid (Spain)!
Vigilando emocionada a la celosa pareja. Enhorabuena a todos por el nacimiento de KG.
Un gran día para nacer "el día de la Tierra"
Acabo de verlo!!!