09 April 2013

We’re one day away from 4 weeks since the first egg was laid on March 13. The other eggs were laid March 16th and 19th. Last year the two eggs hatched after 39 and 38 days. The third chick never hatched.

Bea and Jasper have been steadfast with incubating the eggs, so we are anticipating late April for the chicks to appear.


Carol said...

This reminds me of the waiting game when my daughter-in-law was in labor with my 1st grandchild!

Mary Pat said...

It's hard to tell which one is incubating. Can't wait until hatching and the cam is zoomed in(though I love being able to see the whole nest). We should be able to tell then. As they mature and move about the nest then it will be zoomed out so we can see all the action.
Mary Pat :)