24 May 2013

Just a note for Memorial weekend to wish all of our viewers and bloggers a fun-filled and safe holiday. KG and JB are so well fed that they now have fish lying about the nest.

Have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Will the osprey parents teach the chicks how to fish....also will the chicks stay with the parents, in the nest, until Bea a Jasper migrate South?

The two B's

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful information. Was amazed to see the uneaten fish in the nest. Great that they are well fed. Heard about you through the Coastal Discovery Museum.

moderator said...

It takes a couple of weeks for the juvenile ospreys to become skilled at catching their own fish, while some master the skill in a few days. The young may follow the parents on fishing trips and emulate them and begin hunting on their own. The parents will provide food if the juveniles cannot catch their own meals.

Ospreys are efficient at catching fish due to having a reversible toe that lets them hold a slippery fish with two toes in the front and two in the back. Also, their feet are covered with small barbs, or spicules, that help them hold onto a fish. Once an osprey is airborne, it will often position the fish headfirst in their talons to reduce aerodynamic drag.

After the juveniles fledge they will generally stay on or near the nest for about a month and may receive food from their parents.

When the osprey leave our platform they will do so individually. The juveniles instinctively know where to go without following their parents.

There are some osprey that stay around Hilton Head in the fall/winter months, but most fly south. North American ospreys generally fly to Mexico, Central America or South America.

Anonymous said...

Moderator, thank you very much for all this great information and answers...we're obsessed with KG and JB and their parents and can't believe we haven't been enjoying your site before this year...what a great job you're doing for nature (& all of us)...keep up the good work! R

moderator said...

You're very welcome and thank you for your comments!!