21 June 2013

The osprey gallery has been updated with 42 new photos. Hope you enjoy them.


birdgirl said...

The new photos are wonderful. They show how the chicks have changed so quickly over the past month. It is so much fun to go through the entire group of pictures, from before eggs until now to see what a great season this has been. Thanks Moderator and Palmetto Electric for providing this for us!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everything turned out great for the two "little chicks"...from the photos they look so healthy...Bea and Jasper did an outstanding job of parenting. If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would become a bird watcher I would have scoffed at them....but I'm proud to say I've become one of you and have enjoyed watching these little darlings grow up. Thanks for everything moderator, you "rock".

The two B's

Anonymous said...

I agree with Vivian! What an excellent & informative account of this season! Thank you, Moderator & Palmetto Electric! I see KG is still on the nest this a.m. Transition can be difficult...nothing like the security of home! R