17 February 2014

Bea returned to the communications tower this past Saturday.

Before Jasper and Bea arrived another pair had taken up residence on the platform. Once Jasper returned he quickly dispatched the new pair. There are other empty nests nearby and it is possible that the ousted pair could occupy one of those sites. 

This season will mark the fourth in a row for Bea and Jasper. Each of the previous years, the pair has raised two healthy chicks. Maybe this year we could see more, we’ll just have to wait and see. The nest definitely needs some tiding up, so I’m sure in the coming days we’ll see the nest begin to take shape.

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birdgirl said...

How exciting!! Bea and Jasper are hard at work this morning getting the nest ready. Some of the empty spots that are easily seen at night with the lights shining through are getting filled in quickly. Hopefully we'll be seeing eggs soon.

Welcome back Bea and Jasper!