24 March 2014

We have lost one of the eggs. For whatever reason Bea and Jasper left the eggs unattended for about 20 minutes on Saturday and apparently a crow got to one of the eggs and broke it. There has been another osprey in the area attempting to land on the nest. It could be that Bea and Jasper were driving the intruder away while the crow appeared. We'll check the photos we've taken so far and determine, if possible, to see which egg was lost.  As mentioned in the last post.....the eggs hatch asynchronously in the order in which they were laid, so we might know which egg was lost as the chicks hatch.


carol mullins said...

I'm hoping it wasn't the 2nd egg as this would, in my opinion negate any chances of #3 surviving, given the expanse of time between being laid and hatching. Mod, do you concur?

moderator said...

Definitely. The older the first chick is to its sibling could potentially decrease the second chicks survival chances. We haven't yet been able to check photos, but hope to get to that either today or tomorrow. With any luck the two chicks will hatch in a timely fashion for successful survival of both.

birdgirl said...

So glad that things appear to be OK on the nest this week! Hoping the two eggs will produce two little chicks! Keep up the good work, Bea and Jasper.